ISO Implementation

Let’s not fool ourselves. Many MSPs consider SOC2 certification because this is a demand of their customers, and because everyone else is also thinking about it. You don’t want to get left behind right?

Having said that: The way we came to ISO and SOC2 is because we were looking for a framework against which we could measure an organisation. Where are the blind spots, what can be improved? Approach it that way! The requirements of ISO and SOC2 help your company forward, to elevate your standards and deliver better quality. 100% in control, isn’t that what we all want?

ISO zorgeloos behouden?

With our Security Officer Subscription we are always available for your questions! If we change our policy because things can be done better, of because the rules have changed, like ISO27001:2022 which in 2023 has come into effect, you still need to change! As a cherry on top we’ll do an annual audit, fully included! So you know you’ll maintain your ISO certification without headaches.

Your SOC 2 within 100 days

will you take on the challenge? You want to have your SOC 2 done right and done quick right? That’s why we have built our 100 days challenge, if you’re brave enough. Together we will work our ass off to get that SOC 2 within 100 days. By having this tough deadline we prevent you from pushing it off and procrastinating. Nobody gets better by procrastinating. Do you dare to take on the 100 day challenge?

Security Officer Training

In this training we explain in 18 chapters with quick, to the point classes everything you need as Security Officer. Plus, we close it off with an exam that gives you a certificate so you can prove to your Auditors that you understand all the ins and outs as a Security Officer!

Our Customers

Dxfferent Consulting

Finding a partner in information security is just as difficult as keeping your organization safe

As a certified Lead Auditor who was responsible for a large MSP and someone who assists MSPs, I understand how important information security has become. 

In fact, you simply cannot do without it anymore. Your customers expect a certain level of information security from you. Can't prove that you have that level? Then they will go with someone else. You don't want to miss out on those customers, so it's time to do what you've been dreading: get the necessary certifications. Dreading the lengthy texts and difficult requirements? 

No problem, Dxfferent is here to help and make it easy for you! We assist you in obtaining: SOC2, ISO27001 / ISO27701 / ISO9001 & NEN7510.

Wise lessons brought to you in a workshop

We could provide you with a comprehensive document full of theory, but that won't teach you much. You learn by applying theory in practice, which is why we offer short workshops that you can complete at your own pace. Each workshop covers a specific topic, allowing you to discover everything about that particular subject.

Dxfferent guides you from start to finish. In addition to our guidance, you receive numerous tools such as a management system, templates, sample documents, and a management system tailored to IT services.

This way, you always have highly useful documents within reach. ISO/SOC2 becomes a valuable addition that is also easy to maintain after implementation.

What you can expect in a nutshell:

  1. Introductions, gameplan and all requirements around information security explained.
  2. Context- and stakeholder analysis, discussing risk-analysis, formulating a plan of action.
  3. Make the information policy definitive, determining goals.
  4. Exectuting an internal audit and discussing the results.
  5. Intenese prepping for the internal audit.


You just got certified.

Dxfferent - ICT Guide

Why is Dxfferent different?

Reading legal texts and typing a nice story is something many people can do. What sets us apart is our 100% focus on MSPs. We have developed, understood, and implemented policies so frequently that we know what makes your heart beat faster.
We understand how ITIL processes work, we know what is important for a Managed Service Provider, and we recognize that certain aspects of the standards may be less interesting to you than others.
But there's more... we implement everything 100% into your operational processes. We are huge fans of Autotask, but we have also done this in Jira, Confluence, Teams, Zammad, Topdesk, AFAS, HCL Notes, Notion, and many more systems.
We do all this for MSPs and companies that heavily rely on IT. Our focus is on MSPs, but we see a shift in our clients who have a significant dependency on IT and therefore highly value our expertise. Think of hospitals, software developers, public health organizations, and many more.

Welke certifications do we handle? 

* ISO 27001: Protecting Information
* ISO 27701: Protecting Privacy (add-on to 27001)
* ISO 9001: Ensuring Quality (in processes)
* NEN 7510: Protecting Health Information
* SOC 2: Protecting Customer Data and Ensuring Trust and Transparency

Download our free 10-step plan - information security checklist!

Read more about various certifications!

What is ISO 27701?

ISO 27701 comes from the ISO 27001 family and focuses on privacy. The Dutch chapter of the ISACA Knowledge Group on Privacy & GDPR wrote an extensive discussion paper on the rationale behind this standard.

ISO 9001: the most improtant points

So you want to have your quality management system in order and demonstrate it with an ISO 9001 certification? Great idea! But where do you start?

Mandatory interface for NEN7510, what's up with that?

With a NEN 7510 certificate, you can be sure that your management system meets all the privacy requirements for processing the data of healthcare patients or service providers.

Get your ISO certification with these tips!

An ISO certificate is a significant milestone for any organization. Often, it starts out of necessity because a client requires it or because you want to participate in a tender.

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