Dxfferent helps the MSP through the maze of IT entrepreneurship!

We help MSPs to raise the quality of service and increase their profitability. We do this by optimising processes, SOC 2 certifications and automating in Autotask.

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SOC 2 Implementation

Your SOC 2 within 100 days - will you take on the challenge? You want to have your SOC 2 done right and done quick right? That’s why we have built our 100 days challenge, if you’re brave enough. Together we will work our ass off to get that SOC 2 within 100 days. By having this tough deadline we prevent you from pushing it off and procrastinating. Nobody gets better by procrastinating. Do you dare to take on the 100 day challenge?

MSP Strategy

You want to grow with your MSP, but… You’re unsure how to make that a reality. You didn’t start your business to just become your own employee, you did it because you love IT! Still you want to take that next step. Professionalise. Elevate your business. You’re looking for someone with practical experience and knowledge to help grow your business. Better customer satisfaction, better profitability and a thriving business.

Autotask PSA

You already know what Autotask is, we’re not here for that. But you could use some help getting the most out of it. There’s tons of potential but you’re currently not reaching it. You have the feeling there’s much more to be had from Autotask. Think of optimising, automating and analysing your KPIs. You’ll get in control of your software and thereby, your business.

MSPs who have taken on the challenge

About The Founder

MSPs waste too much time, money and energy in business operations. Let’s change that!

“I do it differently” said I, Jasper van Horssen (CEO and founder of Dxfferent), about 20 years ago to myself. I regularly saw things going wrong at MSPs: too much time, money and energy gets wasted in IT. That’s a shame. That should be done different. So I decided to help other MSPs: Dxfferent was born.

Today that is still my mission. I learn from other MSPs to share the best practices along, from big to small organisations. Help them see the forest from the trees. To be a guide to my customers, so that they can integrate, optimise and automate.

MSP Guide In Theory And Practice

It’s all good and well knowing the theory. What actually works is someone who knows the theory and has experience bringing it into practice. That’s who I am, and who our consultants are. After going to business school, gaining experience as a consultant and MSP-entrepreneur I gained an understanding about your struggles, challenges and goals. MSPs understand each other.

My colleagues and I have expertise in:
✓ Autotask
✓ information Security (Lead Auditor)
✓ Going from Break-fix to MSP
✓ Whiskey

Because that's what I promise: Results!

For a fixed monthly price we are always ready for you. Ping us anytime for questions around Autotask, Process Optimisation and Information Security. You get a subscription to all the MSP knowledge, for guaranteed results.

It doesn't matter what KPI it is, we'll hit it!


CTS IT heeft met succes de audit ISO 27001 / NEN 7510 doorstaan!

Vanaf 9 december 2021 is CTS IT dan ook gecertificeerd voor beide normen. Begin 2021 constateerde het management team van CTS IT dat steeds vaker (potentiële) klanten vroegen of CTS IT over ISO/NEN normen beschikte. Dat was niet het geval.

Daarom was het besluit om hiervoor te gaan niet erg moeilijk. Een groot aantal processen stond al goed, security was op orde. Maar hoe pak je dit aan? We kwamen uiteindelijk bij Jasper van Horssen van Dxfferent B.V. uit. Hij was de juiste man op het juiste moment. Zijn no-nonsense aanpak, maar vooral zijn bevlogenheid sprak erg aan. Ook zijn ervaring bij bedrijven in de IT-sector, was zijn voordeel.

Voor de zomer zijn de werkzaamheden gestart en met gezamenlijke inspanning werden de processen aangescherpt en de ‘bewijslast’ verzameld. Hierdoor konden we gaan voor een succesvolle audit. Dxfferent blijft ons begeleiden, want waar vind je nog zo’n bevlogen organisatie om wellicht de volgende ISO-norm met succes te behalen?

The MSP contract template set you cannot do without!

What others say about Dxfferent...

Dxfferent - ICT Guide

Martien Wijnands

BMP Datapartners

Jasper helped us get our ISO27001 and NEN7510 certification. Jasper has given us a very pragmatic translation from theory to practice. A level of quality we’ve hardly ever seen.

Diederik Twickler


During the intake of the ISO27001 we were quickly convinced about the added value of an experienced consultant, and the specific knowledge and skills of Jasper and Dxfferent.

The collaboration was very nice, especially the translation of the norms to our daily business practice, as well as the controlling for all ISO processes in Autotask have been very welcome.

Hans Hoskens

Van Roey

Together with Dxfferent we have managed to switch to Autotask in only three months, without any operational hickups or complaints from our engineers.
The practical knowledge of the Dxfferent consultants in combination with their ability to act in practice has been crucial in this flawless transition.


What will change with the ISO 27002 revision?

It was announced in the summer of 2020: The ISO 27002 will be revisioned! Currently they are working hard on the new version, why the publication will probably happen in October 2021.

MSP and cybersecurity

Advice for the MSP: stop viewing information security and cybersecurity as a sellable product, but as a service within your offering.

The 10 biggest challenges for MSPs

Datto asked: What keeps you awake at night? That changed when the pandemic hit.

How to price your MSP offering

IT should just work, and if it doesn’t often the MSP is to blame. As long as there are clear agreements between the MSP and the customer, the blame game can be avoided.

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